Are There Trees In Newfoundland Labrador


I recall a conversation with a postmaster in Arnprior, Ontario. He asked if there were any trees in Newfoundland Labrador. I was surprised at his question so I  asked him why he felt that way. He t  said there are no trees in the advertisements.  After telling him about the forests, the once booming pulp and paper industry and the logging operations I decided to check the ads. He was right, there are no forests being shown.

In my youth I helped load and haul wood with horse and slides and helped limb out trees that had been left to dry over the summer. The name I believe was spring var. I marveled at the birch in central Newfoundland and reading books about the pulp wood  camps and hearing people tell stories about life in the logging  camps.

Yes there are trees in Newfoundland Labrador.