Rain Drizzle and Fog or RDF. June 7, 2015.Updated July 18th,2015

''There is fog  everywhere, you can cut it with a knife.'' We Newfoundlanders and Labradorians live in a place where fog is a natural part of our life. Most of us accept it, reluctantly.

Many of us have said or heard such comments as “I wish the fog would rise or  go away, I can’t stand the fog, I hate fog,  or the more positive, it’s where we live and we have to learn to live with it.”

Fog can influence our daily life. We wait for the fog to go away to go fishing, to drive over the highway, to hang out clothes or to do outdoor work, such as painting, that requires drier weather. Many of us have had our travel plans delayed or cancelled or have been stuck at another airport waiting patiently  for a flight to get home.  Because flights can’t get in, people get stuck waiting at airports here in Newfoundland Labrador.

Last week, our daughter-in-law was coming home from Ottawa and her flight made an attempt to land but the visibility was near zero in fog and her flight had to return to Toronto. She missed a day from her work.

It has an effect on products being shipped in or out. I know, from my business experience the stress that cancelled flights can have as well as the loss of income and customers. May is usually the worst month for fog in Newfoundland.

There were and are days that I have felt like or have heard the expression, “I’m in a fog.” How is the fog treating you? Got a fog story or expression you would like to share. Email address below.


A  few days ago I came across this video on "you tube", It is called "fog patches in Lower Island Cove."

Different types of fog..

Thick fog

Ground fog

Ice fog

Fog on the ground

Fog patches

Low fog

High Fog

Fog on the hills

Fog rolling in

Dense or Heavy fog

Pea Soup Fog or Pea Souper

Newfoundland fog

Night fog: This is one of the most hazardous times to drive. I have driven at night where it was almost impossible to see the road ahead of you.  The car lights would not cut through the fog and you were crawling along with your lights on low beam.  I have cut back my night time driving especially when there is a chance of fog. Here is a great article on driving in night fog. Link

Fog banks

caplin fog

capelin fog

fog rising

fog burning off

Brain fog..not really a natural fog but most of us experience the phenomenon

Fog sayings

“Pea Soup Fog”

“Fog so thick you can cut it with a knife”

“Fog so thick you can’t see a hand before you”

“It’s some foggy out”

“We’re fogged In”

More info to follow..


Fog Stories

Please feel free to comment or send a story.

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Victoria Day Weekend

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Victoria Day Weekend

The Victoria Day Weekend or May 24th weekend is traditionally a weekend that we Newfoundlanders and Labradorians plan for our first fishing trip of the season. It’s called the twenty fourth of may or may 24th weekend but it’s usually held on the weekend prior to may 24th. Why do we celebrate this particular holiday? It goes all the way back to Queen Victoria. The Monday before may 25th is Victoria Day and is a statutory  holiday in Canada.

More info here

Song. “It’s The 24th of May”, Buddy Wasisname

I didn’t go trout’n may 24th,2015. however we did go to my sister-in-laws cabin for a bbq. Their daughter and son-in-law caught a meal of pansize trout.  The bigger ones got away.

Meal of trout caught, by some friends, may 24th, 2015.


They cleaned up really well

Personally, I prefer trout that are pink on the inside. We call them mud trout or muddies but the official name is brook trout or brookies.

Government info

The “Brook of Life” Newfoundland Brook trout Link

Tower Road, Salmonier Line Two Hour Fishing Trip 

We decided to spend a night, with our relatives, at their cabin/cottage on Pioneer Line.  I took my fishing rods, which hadn’t been used in over a year and some lures.  I had to borrow footwear and purchase worms.

We had just arrived at 6:00pm when my wives brother-in-law pulled in the driveway. He had picked up his friend and they were ready to go trouting for a couple of hours. I quickly changed my clothes and  grabbed a couple of bologna sandwiches for a snack.

It took us forty five minutes to drive to the spot that  he  had decided to go fishing. They had everything ready as we walked the ten minutes to the pond. I had to search in my tackle bag for a lure and a leader.  The mosquitoes were numerous and made it very uncomfortable. What are the chances of finding a leader and a hook on the ground as you are searching through your tackle bag for one.  There, lying on the ground, were two leader and one had a hook.

I decided to use the one with the hook and then headed down the left side of the pond.  The pond was flooded so I walked down  a moose trail to try and find a place to fish. It was muddy and I walked out of my rubbers a few times.  The water over-flooded the bank so fishing was a real challenge.  I hooked a couple of pansize  trout but they came off the hook as I tried to land  them through the trees.

The worms, I had purchased, were soft and would not stay on the hook. I had failed to check them at the store,

I walked further down the moose trail and found a reasonable bank to fish from. There were trout breeching but I only caught two that I could keep.

It was getting dark so we decided to head back to the truck. The evenings catch was four trout. I had caught two, our friend had caught two and my wives brother-in-law was blanked. He had not been able to land the big one and he lost the tip of his rod while casting.

The mosquitoes were bad, the trout weren’t biting and my wives brother-in-law has to buy a new was still a great evening trouting. Fishermen always look forward to the next fishing trip.

I am!


Do you or did you ever have a nickname. Some are or were rude and crude.

When I was seven years old, I went into our neighbourhood store and Doug the owner said, hello doctor. It stuck with me through my childhood and teen years. Now, there are only two people who call be doc or doctor. My friend Roger and my brother-in-law.

I’m helping my brother-in-law finish their house and each morning I’m greeted with what’s on the go doc or doctor?

Some nicknames I recall.

Lynton was called Lurch

Dave was called Pastor

A post in progress..

Dog or Puppy Sitting

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Our daughter and family have a new puppy..about six months old and we were asked to puppy sit while they were on vacation. We had looked after our grand-children while their parents were on vacation but never a puppy. They grow on you and they can be very demanding. I’m not sure what is easier children or puppies.

They are training Trixie, her name, to ring a door bell when she wants to go out-side to do her duty. This has become a game.  Trying to distinguish between play and reality is difficult.

She sleeps in a dog cage at night and the first night was similar to when we brought our first child home. You are attentive to every sound. I didn’t sleep well that night.

She does her duty, on the patio. It’s not so bad cleaning up when it hardens but fresh or wet makes me urge. A couple of times I almost vomited.

Trixie was the name of a puppy that we had when we were young. That would be over forty years ago. She was part of our large family. I don’t know how they chose the name but it brings back happy memories.

Trixie is growing on us but I hope my wife doesn’t want us to have a dog. Although they are fun, provide company and friendship, you have to recognize the fact that they can tie you down.

Sorry, gotta go and play with Trixie.

Puppy Sitting challenges

Having to get back early from visiting family to let her out of her cage.

Unable to sleep in

Cleaning up puppy doo

Cleaning up pee on the floor. Not always accidents..

Making sure the gate is close. My sister accidentally left it open today and Trixie went missing. Our Mother’s day dinner became cold as we searched for her. She was found and it was a challenge to catch her.

Chewing on whatever!

Jumping up on people, especially children.

Newfoundland Blogs

Mishmash: A collection or mixture of unrelated things.

I recall the struggles of building my first website. It was built about twelve years ago through Bizland and it was quite the experience. Not with Bizland! My web knowledge was nil. I would sit for minutes waiting for the site to load.

Move forward to today and a person can have a web page online in minutes and if you know what you are doing a blog in less then an hour.  I use the WordPress platform through Wealthy Affiliate and I had a blog post and a website page online within an hour.

There is a free edition available, with limitations but I prefer the Premium. The free blog or website is a sub-domain of WordPress. I purchased my own domain through NameCheap and had the DNS (domain name server) transferred to Wealthy Affiliate Hosting service. Works like a charm!

The blog as just a mishmash of articles.

Please feel free to submit your blog for a listing. You never know someone might find it interesting.


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You gotta love Newfoundland weather to live here…well, there are many other reasons that we like living here as well.

Last night..may 7th, my wife told me to look out the window. The ground was white and a light snow was still falling. She wanted me to take a picture to send to two of our married children, who are vacationing in Florida. I didn’t have my camera as we are house sitting and looking after one of their dogs and my camera is at our home.

Fridays plans are cancelled as I needed a sunny day, with no wind, to complete a project.

We say, “well that’s Newfoundland Labrador weather” and we sometimes grudgingly go do something else. I wonder how my wives seedlings made out in the unheated greenhouse.

It will still be a good day!

What will it be like tomorrow? There’s a weather forecast but we have another saying..”you can’t trust the forecast”.

Wherever you are ..enjoy your day!

We will..”no matter, the weather.”


Lawrence Pond Road

Over the past few weeks, I have been helping my brother-in-law build a house on Lawrence Pond Road. I’m amazed at the number of people who barrel through the stop signs that are near his house.

It appears, from my observation, either people don’t see the signs, are preoccupied or they don’t care. There have been a number of close calls.  I saw a driver stopping and reversing into his driveway and a fellow driving a black pickup truck came through the stop sign, at about 60 kms, He blew his horn and the person reversing his vehicle into his driveway had to hit his brakes.

This is a very busy road as it is an access ramp to and  from the Manuel’s Bypass Road for Upper Gullies, Seal Cove, Kelligrews  and other towns in Conception Bay south.

One of those days, there will be an accident and possible injuries or a fatality. How do you get drivers to slow down, on Lawrence Pond Road and stop at the stop signs?

Any suggestions?


Cooking Bacon

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One of my favorite foods is bacon.  The only thing I don’t like is the fat or grease and burnt bacon. I had read about adding water to the pan so I decided to give it a try. Apparently, the water renders the  fat and you get less splattering. video  link below.

Those are the results and some pictures.

Because we are empty nesters, we buy a pound of bacon and cut the package cross ways into quarters. We wrap each quarter in wrap and place them in a freezer bag for future use.

Today (May’s a Saturday morning) I decided on bacon and eggs. I had thought about adding pancakes, peaches and cream, however toast and jam will do today.

I placed enough water to cover the bottom of the pan and spread the bacon out as it defrosts.

bacon 001

Added a little more water because it evaporated.

bacon 002

half of cooked bacon on paper towels

bacon 003

Still browning other half

bacon 004

quarter pound of cooked bacon

bacon 005

Bacon fat in mug to cool down. Will place in fridge to set

and the scrape into the garbage. About a quarter mug of fat.

I wiped most of the fat from  the pan before frying the eggs.

bacon 006

We use bacon, if there that is any left-over, for sandwiches.

Video: How to bake the most perfect bacon