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Cod Fish

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Both my wife and I like a good meal of cod fish. We can eat it fried in a pan, deep fried, cod au gratin, fish n brewis with either salted or fresh fish, baked or fish cakes. There are so many ways to use cod.

Because of sickness, we had to spend seven years in Ontario and missed our meals of cod. We longed for our trips back home and our first meal of deep fried cod.

Since moving back, we try and have fish at least once or twice a week. On Tuesday night, Sept 29th, our son-in-law called and asked if we wanted to come for supper. He was cooking cod and our grandson wanted it deep fried. I quickly said yes, if it was going to be deep fried. His comeback, “you mean, if  it wasn’t going to be deep fried, you wouldn’t come down.”  My reply was, no, we will still come down but you do such a good job deep frying cod and this is the way our grandson wanted it cooked. It was a delicious meal and we are having leftovers today for lunch.

I didn’t get out for the food fishery this year, however: we were able to buy twenty pounds of filet.  That should do us for a few months.

Please feel free to send a picture of a meal that you cooked, using cod.


Partridge Berry Picking

Picking Partridge Berries

We left on saturday morning to spend the weekend with our friends, at their cabin, in Lower Island Cove, Hopefully, we would pick some partridge berries.

I had spoken to my friend earlier that week and he had told me that the berries were getting soft and were picked over. We love everything that can be made with partridge berries.  I had alredy ordered two gallons from a friend.

We arrived, at the cabinat 12 noon and after a quick lunch we went to the berry pick’n grounds. To my friends surprise, we picked over six gallons between us. The berries, in the area that we had gone, were ripened and not soft. See photo.


Our friends prefer to make jam right away, instead of freezing their berries.  So on friday and saturday night they made 16 bottles of jam.

They were using 16 oz and 32 oz mason jars.

This is a useful chart Link for  mason jars.

We prefer to make a couple of mason jars of jam as needed and keep the rest of the berries frozen.

View from above Lower Island Cove.



As mentioned, we had ordered two morwe gallons, from a friend. They were 12.50 a gallon. We now have 4 gallons in the deep freeze.

Lately, we have been making enough jam to last a week or so and placing it in a plastic container in the refrigerator. We use about two cups of berries. We add about two soup spoons of water and enough sugar to our taste. The boiling berries are crushed with a potato masher until we get the consistency and the taste that we both like. Not too sweet and not too tart.

We have partridge berry jam every morning with toast. Sometimes we add a dollop of cream.





When I was young and living in Creston, on The Burin Peninsula, we picked dogberries and not catberries(see explanation below).  Really, they are mountain ash but we didn’t know that. Apparently they are or were called dogwood trees in some areas of Newfoundland. In other parts of the world they are referred to as rowan trees and rowan berries.

Our parents told us, as children, that there were two varieties, one was a darker red berry which we called dogberries and the lighter orange was catberries. We could eat the dark berries but avoid the lighter ones.

Dogberries, Sept 17,2015. Taken at our daughter’s in Con Bay South, Newfoundland. Lot’s of berries this year.


As kids, we would go back in the woods, pick the berries and eat them.  If my memory is right, they were sour and bitter.  They tasted better after the first frost. I’ve heard that you shouldn’t eat them, however; we ate them, as mentioned, after the first frost. I don’t believe we digested large quantities.

I recall visiting my friend one evening (I was about 16 years old) and he gave me a glass of his father’s dogberry wine.  It tasted pretty good. I don’t recall the effect it had?

A few days ago, I asked some friends what they called them and nobody was familiar with catberries. To them, all were dogberries.

I checked google and there is no reference to catberries so it must have been a localized distinction.

Dogberry trees are plentiful here in Newfoundland Labrador.

Click on the following picture to visit nlnature for more information.



Roy Payne’s Dogberry wine song and words. 

Dogberry Jelly

Here is a dogberry jelly recipe I found online. Click anywhere on green text to visit the site.

Sterilize mason jars. My wife says this recipe is similar to her Red Currant Recipe.  We made Red Currant Jelly last week. Long process especially picking the red currants.

Boil 1 quart of dog berries covered with water until berries are soft. Mash berries while cooking. When soft, cool mixture. Strain through a couple of layers of cheesecloth. Measure juice into saucepan. For every 1 cup of dog berries, add 3/4 cup sugar. Boil berry juice without sugar added for 15 minutes. Add the sugar (3/4 to 1) and boil until syrupy….(a drop of mixture dropped on a plate will turn to a gel. Pour into sterilized jars and apply lids.

Rowan Berry is another name for Dogberries or Mountain Ash Berries.

This is an online recipe with  a link to the site. Click anywhere in the recipe.

Rowan Berry Jelly Recipe
Makes about 3 cups


Continue reading Dogberries

Stale Crackers

Stale Crackers

Crackers, especially Purity, are one of my favorite snacks or to have with my breakfast or lunch. Stale crackers were usually laid aside for a base for onion pies. A few days ago I decided to try placing a stale cracker in the toaster to see if it would crisp and refresh them. It worked but the cracker was hard to get out of the toaster.

If it works in the toaster, then it should work in the oven. I placed a few crackers on a baking sheet and set the rack on the higher level and set the broiler to low. Eureka, within a minute or so, I had crispy crackers. There was no stale taste either.

You should get the same results in a toaster oven or a micowave. Note: some crackers may be too old and stale to crisp. If they smell bad throw them out.

Please feel free to comment.


The following are some helpful links to show you how to crisp chips. The process is similar to the above, however more detailed.

How to crisp stale crackers and chips

How to freshen crackers in a microwave


Ottawa to Newfoundland

Driving from Ottawa to Newfoundland. Planning to take highway 30 to bypass Montreal. We took this route last year. Our plan is to over-night in Fredericton and drive to North Sydney the following morning. We will be taking a night crossing.

Marine Atlantic schedule

Don’t forget to book your reservations.

Very busy, trying to finish some things around our daughter’s house that needs to be done. The rain storm tonight put a monkey wrench into some of my outdoor work related plans.

The main thing is not to panic.

Left Anprior at 5:30am and had breakfast at a restaurant in Quebec just before Highway 30. Got on 30 at the toll entrance and then took highway 20 at Levis to River du Loup . Note: Personally, I would prefer some English added to the signs in Quebec. Bilingualism is not bilingualism in Quebec. It’s  Unilingualism on all road signs.  They should consider the tourist. That being said, Quebec is a beautiful province and the people we met were very friendly.

We then took highway 85 as it enters New Brunswick from Quebec. This is a great highway. We had virtually no traffic between 6:00pm to 8:00pm.

Over-nighted at The Day’s Inn, Oromocto. The room was clean.

This was a long day!

I’m not a lover of long trips. My day, would be around 600 to 700kms with over nights.

The road to th Newfoundland Ferry from Oromocto to North Sydney.

My wife has a cooler full of cucumbers. It’s an effort to keep them from going bad in the heat.  Success!

We ate at a restaurant, on Queen Street, a couple of hours before boarding. Forgot the name! It’s across the street from the sandbar, where the  boats are moored.  Not fond of haddock but it wasn’t too bad deep fried. Service was good and the restaurant was clean.

The ferry crossing was uneventful as I took a tylenol and slept through the night. Mad rush to the elevators to get down to the vehicle. One elevator broken. Always amazed at how fast they get the traffic flowing.

I wish the government would twin the highway from Port Aux Basques to some point where the flow of traffic can filter in without people rushing. The speeds and where people pass are frightening,

We stopped at The Big Stop, in Deer Lake, for breakfast. They have done a great job on the reno. Breakfast was good, especially the fish cakes and bologna (balogna). Some of us pronounce it with the ba,,

We arrived on The East Coast (Con Bay South) at around 7:00pm.

Bakepple Yogurt

Bakeapples are one of my favorite wild berries and I decided why not use them for bakeapple yogurt. I usually buy yogurt that has the various berries incorporated into the mixture

My yogurt of choice is The Beatrice twelve pack but normally there are four vanillas in the packaging. I’m not a fan of vanilla yogurt so usually my wife or one of the grand-children gets to eat those.

One day, all the flavors were gone and only a couple of vanilla were left.

BakeApple Yogurt or Cloudberry Yogurt

I decided to mix some bakeapple jam, that we had in the refrigerator, into the vanilla yogurt. The result was a delicious tasting bakeapple yogurt.

As mentioned above

“Beatrice is my yogurt of choice

as I like the consistency

as well as the price.”  stevewish

But you can use your favorite brand of yogurt. Personally, I like straining the bakeapples,  after cooking, through a strainer to remove the seeds.

I also discovered that I can have my own Partridge Berry Yogurt, Blueberry Yogurt, Marshberry Yogurt or whatever is available in the refrigerator.

Sometimes, I use the natural berries in the vanilla yogurt.

Please feel free to comment or offer suggestions.

The following picture is from The White Sails Inn in Eastport. Please click the image to visit the website.




I look forward to bakeapple, partridge berry and blueberry picking seasons. We like to keep freezer bags of frozen berries in the deep freeze.

We prefer  to freeze the blueberries on a tray before packaging them in the freezer bags, They hold their shape and are much easier to separate. We just pour the partridge berries into the bags and put them in the deep freeze. The bakeaplle freezes well, however; this year we may try the same method as we do with the blueberries.

It’s always a joy to take out frozen berries and use them for your favorite recipe or jam.

Apparently, bakeapples are scarce this year because of the frost. Hoping to be able to buy some when I get home in mid august.

Aug 13,2015: Checked with our daughter, who is visiting family, in Birchy Bay. No bakeapples!  Have to check other places around the island. I like my bakeapples.



Pool Too Deep For Children

poolWe have an above ground pool that is too deep for children. They are nine year old boys and enjoy swimming but we were concerned about the depth, especially for the shorter of the two.

We researched  and inquired about various ways to make a shallow area but they were either too expensive or not feasible. One of our thoughts was to sink containers to the bottom of the pool for rest spots. We had a couple of plastic containers, filled each of them with weights and let them fill with water and sink to the bottom of the pool. It worked! Note: The containers were heavy duty with strong covers.

Caution: We were advised that if the pool was too deep for children that they should wear life jackets. This is recommended.

Our grand-children are good swimmers and like to dive so we sank the two containers near the center of the pool. Also, we make sure that we have things in the pool, such as noodles, that they can hang unto as a float.

The security of having something they can stand on has increased their confidence and has made us feel a little more at ease. We still make sure that there is an adult in the pool or on lifeguard duty.

This is how we solved our dilemma.

Children have to be watched at all times and should never be left alone. Let the phone ring..your child’s safety is more important.

We laid down a bed of sand as a base for the pool.  The border was pressure treated 2×8. One of the things we should have done was to use rebar or something similar to brace the 2×8. Also, if we do it again, we would use stone dust as a base, with a covering of sand.

The pool was level but with the water pressure, the area where we had the most sand was compressed and we had to jack the legs up to re-level the pool.

We used a bottle jack and a three foot piece of 4×4. This was a little tedious and took a couple of hours but it worked better than we expected.  One end of the 4×4 was placed under the cross bar on one side of the leg and the jack was placed on the other end and we carefully jacked up the leg. We placed 4 inch by 4 inch  plywood squares under the legs and used as many as needed to level the pool.

It’s been a week and the pool is still level, the tubs are working and the weather is fantastic.



Mistake Ordering Fish Special

There was a special of fish and chips on the menu at a restaurant that we  go to occasionally so both of us ordered the special as we both like fish. We had considered getting another dish and sharing both.

The meal was brought to our table and the fish did not look very appetizing. I wish I had taken a picture of the plate. Both my wife and I looked at each other and our faces read, do we really want to eat this?

The fish was haddock and had a batter that was not very appealing. I tasted mine. It was not very good. I watched my wife and hoped that hers would taste better. She said, I can’t eat this and she didn’t. I ate mine, not enjoyable, without eating the batter. Also, I ate one piece from my wives plate. The reason, I didn’t want to embarrass the restaurant staff! (I will let them know about the meal).

Garage Door Problems

This is the video that I followed to fix our garage door problem.
We have been having issues with our garage door for the past few months. The door would close with the key pad but would not open.

We tried changing passwords and changing the battery, in the key pad. To be truthful, we thought our key pad was wired and not wireless. There was no change other than the light came on in the key pad. Followed the instructions to reset passwords but the work light would not respond.

It appeared to us that the key pad was not working as the door would close but not open. We were in the process of ordering a new key pad but I decided to give it another try. I followed the instructions, from the following you tube video and was able to reset a new password. Presto it worked. I have no ideal what I did differently from other occasions. I’m thinking that I wiped out old codes. Hope this helps!

Planking A Salmon

A week or so ago, our friends said that they were inviting mutual friends for a bbq. All of us are from  Newfoundland. There will be five couples and one of the men,  Dave, is waiting a call for a heart transplant.

We, or I said that we should plank a salmon. Now, I wasn’t thinking as it is very difficult to get good atlantic salmon here in Arnprior. The price for the salmon was not the question as we only do this once or twice a year. The event was to happen on a Saturday and my wife asked me if I had arranged for the salmon. I told her not to worry.

One of the better places to buy farmed atlantic salmon is at Cosco but we didn’t have a membership and it’s about a forty minute drive from Arnprior. I worked late Friday and after supper, (dinner) we went to the local Metro supermarket. My wife went shopping and I went to the fish department. I was in luck! They had just received a shipment of fresh salmon. The girl told me that the salmon were large and would cost about one hundred dollars. We discussed the possibility of filleting the salmon and I would buy one fillet or she could cut it in half. I told her I would be back Saturday morning.

We, my wife and I discussed how much we would need and we diecided on half a salmon. We like the tail half and I find that part  easier to fillet and scale.

Saturday morning I went to Metro and the same girl was working. She saw me coming and asked what I had decided.  I said half a salmon, somewhere in the forty dollar range. The salmon was in ice and she asked me where should she make the cut. I pointed out the area and she cut it in half. She asked how much I thought it would be and I said forty-two dollars. “Close, she said, “forty-one”..”we’re good” she said. I had to go home, descale and fillet the salmon. My filleting knives are in Newfoundland, however I did find a suitable knife to do the job. Turned out to be nice fillets…now to the get-together..

Salmon scaling or descaling a salmon

What a meal! Planked salmon, pork on a bbq rotisserie, scalloped potatoes, baked beans, broccoli  casserole, coleslaw salad and carrots. For dessert, bakeapple cheesecake, partridge berry cheesecake, rhubarb cake. The planked salmon was excellent, although the plank caught on fire as we had the heat a little too high. The plank needs to go on a higher rack or keep the heat lower. We had the plank soaking for 16 hours.


How to plank a salmon by Cedar Grilling Company

We had left-overs for supper on Sunday. Salmon, pork, baked beans and a salad we made from the sliced potatoes that were not used in the scalloped potatoes. The meal was as delicious as our Saturday get together.