Bell Island Boom

The Bell Island Boom
I had forgotten about The Bell Island Boom until I saw a report on, “Weird or What”, a program hosted by William Shatner. It took me back to the sunday morning on Apr 2, 1978 when I was out in my driveway. We were getting ready for church and I was putting things in the car. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful spring morning.
Then I hear a sound! I looked towards Conception Bay but I didn’t see anything. I expected to see some type of aircraft but there wasn’t anything visible. The sound traveled towards Bell Island and then it stopped. I was a travel consultant and I had traveled and had seen and heard a number of aircraft. I thought it was The Concorde. Whatever it was, it was traveling at a super sonic speed. My wife and children were inside the house and they didn’t hear anything. 
I heard afterwards that there had been an explosion on Bell Island and that some chickens had been killed. Also there was damage to a property and there were some holes in the ground. I lived in Foxtrap and Bell Island is approximately 12 miles away. You can see Bell Island, from where we used to live. It is a large inhabited island in Conception Bay. It was a clear morning and I could see the island and some of the houses. 

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