Bumped Into

In our travels, we meet many people and we are most surprised when we bump into another Newfoundlander. Most of our encounters are pleasant and courteous, however; there are a few that leave a sour taste in our mouth.

Where did you bump into another Newfoundlander?  The following bumped into locations have been submitted by admin and by readers. Send your bumped into with a brief note in the comment section or to stevewish@gmail.com with heading bumped into.

At a Tim Horton’s in Almonte…in the lineup…started a conversation. This person was from Newfoundland

At a yard sale near Almonte, ON.  Person who was having the yard sale was from Newfoundland

At a bank in Renfrew.. The teller  noted I was from Newfoundland and mentioned that she was  married to a Newfoundlander.

At a garage in Carleton Place…met a man whose best friend was from Newfoundland

At a Promise Keeper rally in Ottawa…Bumped into my friend’s brother-in-law

At The Civic Hospital in Ottawa…met a nurse from Newfoundland

At a church in a town in Ontario…The person was not very friendly. This was at a church dinner, the gentleman was much older and was trying to find his seat. He may not have heard our conversation and  possibly was more interested in his Jiggs Dinner.


2 thoughts on “Bumped Into”

  1. Over the phone I spoke with a car salesman from Another city in Alberta who noted my accent…. He was married to a Newfoundlander from Garnish…

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