Camping in newfoundland Labrador

Many of the parks , that were once Provincial Parks, are now privately owned.  According to The Newfoundland Labrador Tourism website there are thirteen Provincial Parks. I have had the pleasure of staying in a few of them.

It is very important to reserve a campsite as at the end of the day traveling, there is no worst feeling than finding there is no space available. Some parks may have over-flow areas but be on the safe side and book ahead.

Many of the private parks have season campers, although some may have a few sites for over-night guests.

The last site we camped at was in Gros Morne National Park.  We stayed at Gros Morne RV Park and Campgrounds. Info here.

Trailer Problems and how to fix.

This is a work in progress.

Camper Trailer Problems can have a simple solution or be a major expense. Thankfully, many of us who own a trailer can do some of our own maintenance or have a friend or an acquaintance or they know someone who can help. I have been doing trailer repairs for five years and have assisted a person, who is licensed to work on gas, repair or replace hot water tanks, refrigerators, stoves and furnaces.  Note: get a licensed gas person to do all your gas work. 


Repairing trailer floors
Most trailer floors are finished with a particle board. The problem. particle board will swell and breakdown when wet. I always replace particle board with plywood to repair a damaged area. Before doing any repairs. you will have to find what caused the problem. We know that water entered the trailer from a leak in the roof, the vents, the top or side trims or a damaged wall.
I just purchased a park model trailer that is 12 years old and I have two problems. The first is a soft floor in the back left corner and a closet wall in the front bedroom that shows signs of water damage. The source of the problem had been repaired. The caulking had broken down in the top corner of a tip out or slide out as well as the caulking on the back corner. The trailer had been completely recaulked and the roof has been sealed to prevent further damage. I will do a thorough check of all seams, windows, doors and other areas that needed or will need caulking.
From my experience, trailers with fibreglass bodies are the most difficult to repair. Generally, if a floor is damaged, there is rot in the wall as well. This should be invstigated and fixed as it is structural and any moisture can cause more damage, mold and mildew. The problem is removing the exterior fibreglass wall to repair the wood. Trailers with an aluminum siding type finish are easier to work on as you can remove the siding and perform any repairs. Just make sure you number the back of the pieces as you remove them.

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