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The Missing Snowman

Spencer came into our room and asked, “Poppy, tell me a story”. All of our grand-children usually want me to tell them a story and usually a  story  pops into my head.  This was the story.

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Teddy, The Missing Snowman

It was halloween  and it had snowed over-night. Jimmy and his sister Katey couldn’t wait to get outside and play in the snow. They went over  to their friends house and asked Bobby and Nancy to come out and play with them.

They decided to go sliding,  on the hill, behind their friends house. Jimmy and Katey had an older brother. His name was Tom, and he was very full of mischief. They were having fun as they slid down the hill.

Meanwhile,  Tom was thinking of a way to scare the children. He watched as they started to climb back up the hill. He sneaked out and covered himself with snow, just a few feet from where they finished their run.  He had a white cloth over his face and it blended in with the snow,

The children slid down and were laughing and talking about how fast they were going. They turned to walk back up the hill. Tom, still hiding under the snow, roared like a lion. The children jumped with fright but they didn’t see anything, Then he roared again and jumped up from the snow. The children screamed and laughed, almost at the same time. Tom, still laughing hysterically,left to visit his friends.

The weather became a little milder and the snow was just right for making a snowman. They made one and called him Teddy. He had a carrot for a nose, buttons for eyes and they found two little curved sticks that they used to make his mouth.  An old hat was placed on his head and a  green scarf around his neck. Pebbles, from the little stream, that flowed at the end of the property were used for buttons and branches  for arms, from the apple tree  that was behind the shed. They were pleased with Teddy.


Before they went home for lunch, plans were made for “trick-or- treating.”  They would all meet at Jimmy and Katey’s house at 6:00 o’clock..

The weather was just right for “trick-or -treating.” It was a good night. ‘Their plastic shopping bags were filled with bars, candy, bubble gum, chips and other delicious treats. They still hadn’t gone to their Nan’s house. She always gave them something special. Their parents had to drive them but Tom stayed home and played outside with his friends. It was late, when they got home, so they went straight to bed.

The next morning, they were up bright and early for school. It was still snowing . They checked their school website and shouted, “hurrah,” because school was cancelled. It would be another play day.

They went to the play room window to look at Teddy. He wasn’t there. Where was he? Mommmmm, Teddy is gone. Their mom came to the window.  As she crossed the room, she noticed that Bob was smiling his mischievous smile. What was he thinking?

Their dad came down for breakfast and they told him. They all went to the window but there was no Teddy.

Where is he? What happened to Teddy? Snowmen don’t just disappear?

What do you think happened to Teddy??

I will let you know how I finished the story on Jan 5th.

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