Christmas Stories

Merry Christmas
Many of us have a story to tell about a Christmas.It might have been a Christmas turkey dinner, a special gift or something that happened during the Christmas holidays. Do you have a story that you would like to share. Maybe you have a dessert that has been handed down or you do something different at Christmas time.

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It was three weeks before Christmas. Money was a bit tight and I was so happy with the presents we had for our four children. I was finished my shift at one job and on my way to another. I decided to go pick up the rest of the lay-a-ways on the way up the road.  I reached in my purse to give the lady money for my purchases. My $650.00 odd dollars was gone. I told the lady I’d be back and ran outside to the car, where my husband was waiting, to tell him.

It then came flooding back to me. I had cleaned out my purse the night before and must have thrown  the envelope, my money was in, in the garbage. I was devastated, thinking I had ruined Christmas for my family. We had worked so hard to get this money.

Believe it or not, it was garbage day,  in our community and our garbage had been picked up. Our road was the last stop, for the garbage truck, that day. I said to my husband  “we have to try and find that truck”. He said there’s no way we will find the money in all that garbage. We continued on in the road and in the distance we spotted the truck. I don’t think the car was fully stopped and I had the door open. I ran up to the truck and told the driver my story. I told him I had to try and find our Christmas money. I could tell by his expression, he felt bad, that this had happened to us just before Christmas. He radioed in to the offfice, told them my story and asked them if I could look for my money.

They said yes. We followed the truck to the dump. By this time the men at the dump had heard my story and were stood around waiting for us. We walked up to them and one of them offered me a pair of cotton gloves. As we stood around, I knew by the look on their faces, they must have thought I was crazy. They were  thinking, there was no way I could find the envolope, containing the money, in all this garbage.

I watched as the compacted garbage was pushed out of the truck. I said “God if you’re with me, be with me now”. A bag rolled from the top of the mound and rested at my feet. I bent over to see if anything was familiar. My envelope was laying at my feet with the money still inside.

“I found it”!  I screamed! I almost jumped in my husbands arms, hugged all the dear men who were so willing to help. By this time I was late for my second job.

I ran into work explaining to them what happened. People had been phoning looking for us. Needless to say I had a lot of explaing to do. Everybody understood! I picked up our lay-a-ways on our way back down the road. This story has been told many a time in our families and I wrote a poem about it and entered it in The Shoreline, “Christmas Stories”, (local newspaper)  just before the deadline that same year and won first prize.  Just goes to show you a little bit of faith goes a long way.


My Red Truck

I was five years old and still believed in Santa. There were nine of us children and our parents were having difficulty with finances.
I wanted a red truck for christmas and I believed that I would get it.That christmas morning we opened our gifts. There it was red truck.
I ran out to the stable to show it to my father. He was feeding our horse and cleaning out the manure. He could see the joy in my face and the excitement in my voice. That my my best christmas ever. That was over fifty years ago but I still remember the joy of that red truck


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