Cod Fish

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Both my wife and I like a good meal of cod fish. We can eat it fried in a pan, deep fried, cod au gratin, fish n brewis with either salted or fresh fish, baked or fish cakes. There are so many ways to use cod.

Because of sickness, we had to spend seven years in Ontario and missed our meals of cod. We longed for our trips back home and our first meal of deep fried cod.

Since moving back, we try and have fish at least once or twice a week. On Tuesday night, Sept 29th, our son-in-law called and asked if we wanted to come for supper. He was cooking cod and our grandson wanted it deep fried. I quickly said yes, if it was going to be deep fried. His comeback, “you mean, if  it wasn’t going to be deep fried, you wouldn’t come down.”  My reply was, no, we will still come down but you do such a good job deep frying cod and this is the way our grandson wanted it cooked. It was a delicious meal and we are having leftovers today for lunch.

I didn’t get out for the food fishery this year, however: we were able to buy twenty pounds of filet.  That should do us for a few months.

Please feel free to send a picture of a meal that you cooked, using cod.


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