Conception Bay South



Conception Bay South has been my home for over fifty years.  I’ve spent many enjoyable hours fishing and walking Manuel’s river. Also, my friends and I swam in the flats, bubble pond, the scrape, the falls below the bridge, the canyon  and any water hole in between.

We played hockey on Squire’s pond, Chamberlain’s pond and when there was good ice, on the flats and bubble pond.

The flats as well as the area above bubble pond was grassy and you could spend hours there in the summer time. I don’t know if someone looked after the area of it was natural. I remember Father Jackman   would walk the area above bubble pond reading his bible. Although, we were not of The Catholic Faith, we respected Father Jackman as he  greeted us young people with a pleasant hello.

One day we were throwing rocks off the cliff and didn’t see him below. We had thrown a number of rocks towards the water when we saw him. We ran as we thought he might think we were throwing at him.

We spent many days jigging for cod on Conception Bay. Most of our trips were a success. One of my fond memories was the summer I spent as a mate on the tuna boat “The Ashtar”.

The falls below the bridge Apr 18,2015



Over-looking foxtrap from Talc Mines
Over-looking foxtrap CBS from Talc Mines

Oil ship moored off Kelly’s Island with Bell Island in the background.

Con Bay 002


Chamberlain’s Beach, Taken from area near the soccer field.





House across from Trailway on Lance Cove PondIMG_1609cottage

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