I have to decide whether I like or am prepared to live with dandelions. Dandelions can consume an hour or so a day of my time. Personally. I’m not a fan of herbicdes and I believe they are banned here in Ontario.

I like a nice green lawn without dandelions or weeds, however; it’s a struggle. You pick  the flowers and they seem to pop up right behind you. I have tried just picking the flowers and if possible, the pods before they start blooming. Some days I look at my lawn and admire the fruits of my hard work. There are no dandelions visible! A few hours later, there they are, blowing in the wind and defying me to try and get rid of them.

You have to admire the dandelions ability to blossom and grow in just about any enviroment. They find a break in the pavement and they grow, you leave a little bit of soil on a rock and they will find it and grow. The dandelion is an amazing weed or is it a plant or a flower. 

Today, I tried something different in my battle with this intruder. I took a flat top screw driver and dug out the pedal near the top of the root. Then I filled the hole with a mixture of topsoil, sheep manure and Scott’s Turf Builder EZ Seed. They say it even grows on pavement. Can it grow on a dandelion tap root and crowd it out? I’ll have to wait and see. Better get my camera and document my fight with the dandelion.

Spent three hours mowing and picking dandelions. Picked off the yellow flower before it seeds and rooted out a section in the back garden. Trying to do a section at a time instead of all over the place. Thre are no dandelions visible at 3:00 pm.

Took some pictures but having problems with the upload. Complained to my ISP provider and have done so since January. I may switch.

Noticed my neighbour, from across the street. was digging up dandelions and dropped over to say hello. He was using a metal tool that he purchased from Lee Valley Tools. Apparently he gave up on the plastic ones as they break. Because of the length of the tap root and the hard soil, he was only getting the first few inches of the root. He mentioned that his neighbour was using a liquid and he was going to try it.

I’ll have to check it out. Back to my battle with the dandelions. How are you making out? May 15,2012.

Read somwhere that it’s best to use a liquid broadleaf weed killer in the fall. This is when the nutrients are sucked back in the tap root for the winter. Sounds logical.

I read somewhere that you can mix table salt, hot water and dish liquid to kill dandelions. Tried it today , may 17th, on a few dandelions. It seemed to kill the yellow flower. Some people say they use boiling water or just salt. Also read today, that a person has had some success by digging a heel of his boot, in the center of the plant and twisting the heel. I’ll have to give this a try.

With all of the above, you may get regrowth if you haven’t killed the tap root. 

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