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Adrift on The Banks in an open dory for six nights. Click Here

Hiding under a dory

As a young boy, we would take the dory out and row around the small harbour and as we grew older we would venture further out even crossing the tickle to the other side. I recall my brother using the dory to stretch a net across the brook to try and net a salmon. Our brook was not a salmon river but I recall him catching one salmon.

Those were fun years and as children we felt safe in that boat. One of my favorite gifts is a scaled model. It’s painted yellow which was the main color of most dories and ours was painted yellow.


I recall one winter’s day my grandfather had promised to take me in the woods with him to haul wood. I was only seven years old and I was up early that morning with my lunch ready. I ran the four or five hundred feet to the dirt road when I heard the bells from my grandfather’s horse. He was coming over the hill and I would meet him by our gate. My grandfather didn’t see me and he didn’t stop. I shouted and ran but he kept going.

I was devastated. Our dory was turned over by the brook which ran next to our property. I crawled under and cried and cried. My grandfather came back a few hours later and went up to our house. He remembered that he had forgotten me and came to say he was sorry. Mom thought that I had gone with him. They started to look for me. I heard them calling my name but I would not answer.. They saw my tracks leading to the overturned dory. They offered me money but I would not come out. Finally he said that I could go down to his house and we could go for another load. I crawled from underneath and he gave me a hug.

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