Fish and Brewis

Fish and Brewis or is it Fish n Brewis or Fishermen’s brewis

We enjoy or long for a good meal of fish and brewis. The fish can be fresh of salted. We always had salt fish, however; a few years ago we went to a friend’s house for a meal and they were using fresh fish. The big difference..they didn’t have potatoes with their meal. I thought that potatoes was one of the essentials with fish and brewis. The meal was delicious but both my wife and I missed the potatoes.

Ok, so what is the difference between the three or are they the same dish? If you’re having potatoes with the meal, should you say, fish and brewis and potatoes?

Here’s our recipe

Salt fish, potatoes, drawn butter and brewis. You can use rendered pork in place of the drawn buter.

The following are some recipes from google search.

Great info link on rendering lard or pork fat

Salted fish..the amount of fish is dependent on how many you’re cooking for and whether you like leftovers. We enjoy leftovers.

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