Fishing In Newfoundland

Fishing In Newfoundland

Fishing in Newfoundland has been one of my favorite pastimes. One of my fondest experiences and memories is the summer I spent as a mate on the tuna boat Ashtar. We were fortunate to catch a number of blue fin tuna and I met many experienced tuna fishermen. One I remember was Lee Wulff.



Cod Fishing in Newfoundland

Many of us Newfoundlanders and Labradorians were devastated when the cod moratorium was announced. I recall telling  my fishing buddy a couple years prior, as we were jigging for cod on Conception Bay, that there will come a day that we will need a license to catch cod. It became worst!

I recall one day, we were jigging just off Topsail Bluff when Sheldon hooked onto a large fish. He struggled to haul it up. All we could see was a white belly. as it got closer we realized he had jug a huge cod fish. My young son was eight and he was a little scares as he had not seen a fish this big before. Neither had Sheldon or I. It was over five feet long.

Photos of cod will be displayed as sent in my visitors.

Trout Fishing in Newfoundland


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