Homemade Bread

The Best Homemade Bread
Who makes the best homemade bread? My wife is making bread as I’m writing this article and I can’t wait for toutons and a fresh slice of homemade bread with molasses and ice water.
I recall, as a child, that mom used to bake bread every other day. There were nine of us children so bread was a stable part of our diet. She made good bread but her specialty was parker house rolls. My wife and others have tried to duplicate her recipe but for some reason they cannot get mom’s taste and texture.
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We had a horse named “Doll” and doll would come to our kitchen window and my brother would slip some food to her through the window. Her favorite was mom’s homemade bread with molasses. I believe she could smell the aroma of fresh baked bread.
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Homemade Bread Recipes

Are all bread recipes the same or are there differences in recipes?


Who makes the best bread?


Facebook comment from a friend: One sister said that her bread was not as good as their moms. Her reply:”some people say it’s better”. 

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