Honoring Ordinary Newfoundlanders and Labradorians

Most of us feel like or people look at us as just ordinary people. We may not have achieved success that would put us in the public eye but to family members, our neighbors and friends, we are more then an ordinary Newfoundlander or Labradorian.

I hear grand-children proudly say, “that’s my pop” or “this is my nan”.  Husbands or wives singing the praises of their spouse. Children, who are so proud of their parents. Friends praising friends and neighbors praising neighbors. Take a moment to honor someone today,

The person that you would like to honor could be living or deceased. E mail address below. Note: You will be responsible for getting permission to use another person’s name.

Honoring ordinary people.

Mary M Hooper or Aunt Polly

My nan, we called her Grand-mother Hooper, was one of those ordinary Newfoundlanders.  To us, her grand-children, she was an angel. She greeted us with love and a hug. Her house was a home to everybody. When I mention her name to family, friends and acquaintances, they remember her acts of love and kindness and encouragement.

Her name was Mary but everybody referred to her as Aunt Polly. She was married to my grand-father, on my mother’s side, Stephen Henry Hooper.

She passed away on Oct 4, 1968 and her husband, my grand-father passed away on Oct 17th, 1968. He fell from the back of a truck and she, seeing him on the ground. had a heart attack and died. He was in a coma for about two weeks and died.

1945 Creston Census link

1945 Marystown South Census link

Creston Anglican Church Cemetery Records

Do you have someone that you would like to honor?

E mail: nfldsites@gmail.com


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