Newfoundland Island

Those of us who are Newfoundlanders do not refer to our island as Newfoundland Island but just Newfoundland. When people ask where I’m from, I just say Newfoundland. In reality, the official name is Newfoundland Labrador but if we’re from the island, we’re Newfoundlanders and if from Labrador, we’re Labradorians.

We spent seven years in Ontario. We lived just outside Ottawa, in a small town called Arnprior. The town was, in our opinion a great place to live and we totally enjoyed Ottawa and The Ottawa Valley. The weather was great. Summer was summer, spring was spring, fall was fall and winter was winter. But, we had a desire to return home to Newfoundland Labrador. We made the move home in 2015.

Many of our friends and acquaintances have visited the island or would like to vacation here. For many years I was a travel consultant and had helped many Newfoundlanders plan their vacation. Those travel plans took people to, Florida, The Caribbean, Europe, Australia and other well known and not so well known travel destinations. Now, I was being asked to help people plan their trip to Newfoundland.

I was surprised at how little people knew about the island. Many people do not realize how large the island is and the number of days you need to actually see and enjoy the different areas of Newfoundland. I’m thankful for the opportunity to have been able to move away for seven years because it has given me a different perspective on the province.

This link will take you to an interactive map of Newfoundland Labrador. We presently live in Conception Bay South (Upper Gullies) and if you type it into the search box, you will see where Upper Gullies is located on the map. The drive from Port Aux Basques (we drove from Ontario) to Upper Gullies was 12 hours with a couple of stops for lunch and to visit friends.  The distance is 870 kilometers.

The drive from Ontario (Ottawa area) to the ferry took us 30 hours with an over-night in Fredericton.

Note: If you are driving, please take some time to allow for the traffic to thin out before starting your drive. Most people are in a mad rush to get off the ferry and on the road.

Driving Distance Map Link



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