Newfoundland Labrador Sayings

Please feel free to e mail your favorite Newfoundland Labrador quote or saying. Just e mail your quote and text with any other info that you might want to add. Those were the days. Quotes should be from your own experience.

“ow you do’in ol”trout” .It’s hard to spell some of those words. Steve
“Mind  yourself or i’ll tell your fater.
Anybody hear of being sent to “bacauger days.”  I don’t even know the spelling or where it was I was being sent. That’s where mom was going to send me. as a child, when i was act’in up.
We used to swim and fish in what I thought was The Lamb Place Pond only to find out that it was really The Landing Place Pond.
Three trees would make a sled load, if they were big enough . Jamie
“My gloriful Father above the skies tonight”. Sue
“I’ll catch you directly”..I always thought it was “the rectly” but I knew it had something to do with time and punishment.

Have a large day!

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