Newfoundland Outports

What is a Newfoundland Outport? Some say that it is any port, no matter the size, outside St John’s while for others it is any coastal settlement that does not have a road connection. If the latter is true then there are few outports in Newfoundland today.
Years ago most towns did not have a road connecting them to the main highway system and the only way to service them was by coastal boat.


It was in 1958 that we moved from Creston to a town just outside St John’s. Our furnishings were shipped to St John’s by coastal boat and our large family (9 children) came by car. We were in separate vehicles and left on different days depending on us getting a ride to St John’s.

My brother Sam and I got a ride with our uncle and 28 flat tires later we arrived. It took us 27 hours to drive the 200 mile trip which normally took seven or eight in those days. I guess we were outport people back in 1958.

Heritage Newfoundland Labrador Outport article

                                  Grates Cove



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List Of Communities and Towns

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