Newfoundland Savoury

Savoury, one of my favorite seasonings.
Newfoundland savoury (savory) is on many Newfoundlanders wish list, not only for Christmas but whenever there’s a family get together or when visiting friends and family upalong. We spent some time in Ontario and we always made sure that we had home grown savoury. Our favorite is supplied by Mount Scio Farm. We did try growing summer savoury but it was not the same. 
We have convinced many of our Ontario friends to switch and they too prefer our stuff.
Savoury recipes: send in your favorite.
Like most Newfoundlanders, we use savoury in our dressing or stuffing as well as in our home made fish cakes. Sometimes I sprinkle a pinch or so on scrambled eggs. 

What is savoury? Savoury (savory) is a seasoning herb. We use savoury to garnish the following but ninety nine percent of the time we use it in our dressing for turkey and chicken and fish cakes. Fish Cakes Cod au gratin  Dressing or stuffing. Pork Chops  What’s the difference between stuffing and dressing? Stuffing is prepared to stuff in the cavity of a chicken or turkey or anything else that can be stuffed! Dressing can be cooked separately without being stuffed inside the bird. We call it dressing whether inside or outside the bird.

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