Newfoundland Town Names

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Newfoundland Town Names

What is the origin of Newfoundland Town names? Many of the names come from our English, Portuguese, French and Spanish history and some are named after people. I have linked to sites that have a detailed explanation of the origins of names.

Origin of Newfoundland..Link to “The origins of geographical names of the provinces and territories

Origin of Labrador..Link to the origin of the name Labrador

Bay Roberts..The name “Bay Roberts” originated from two sources. One source indicates that it was at first called “Roberts Bay” by the Jersey fishermen, while another source claims that Bay Roberts was at one time a headquarters for pirates and was named “Bay of Robbers.” Visit site for full article

Burin..According to The Historian, Prowse the name was Buria Chumea ( Little Burin) and Buria Audia (Great Burin). Basques/Spanish origin

Chance Cove, Trinity info available

Come By Chance.. First named Passage Harbour and Comby Chance. More info here

Creston..There is a Creston South and a Creston North. They are on opposite sides of what we called the tickle. This is an inlet that flows into Mortier Bay. I believe it originally may have been Crest On The Bay and over the years was shortened to Creston. It may be English as there is a Creston in England.

Dildo..One of those town names that visitors, especially tourists, find very interesting. I wonder why? Link here to possible origin of the name.

Ferryland..The Portuguese called it Farilham and the French Forillon  More info here

Holyrood..Detailed info made available by Archbishop Howley. Visit site here

Kelligrews..According to Archbishop Howley there is no info available on the origin of the name. Visit site here.

Lower Island Cove..Apparently it was just island Cove but lower was added to distinguish it from Upper Island Cove. My friend has a cottage there and I’ve visited Lower Island Cove (video) a number of times. Not sure why Island Cove, however there is a small island in the entrance to the small cove. More info here

Manuels..I could not find any info but I believe that the name may have derived from the Manuel’s family name. Dr Walsh had a medical clinic in a house that was owned by the Manuel’s family and the property backs onto the falls below the Manuel’s river bridge. See article info available info available..interesting story on Octagon Pond and Octagon Castle. Visit site here.

St John’s..John Cabot presumably sailed into the harbour on the feast day of John The Baptist. thus St. John’s. However, there are other claims. More info here

Topsail..Info from Archbishop Howley and Newfoundland Quarterly. To visit site click here

Trepassey…originally  trepasses which is French. The French meaning is “dead men”. Apparently so named because of all the shipwrecks in the area. More info here

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