Ottawa to Newfoundland

Driving from Ottawa to Newfoundland. Planning to take highway 30 to bypass Montreal. We took this route last year. Our plan is to over-night in Fredericton and drive to North Sydney the following morning. We will be taking a night crossing.

Marine Atlantic schedule

Don’t forget to book your reservations.

Very busy, trying to finish some things around our daughter’s house that needs to be done. The rain storm tonight put a monkey wrench into some of my outdoor work related plans.

The main thing is not to panic.

Left Anprior at 5:30am and had breakfast at a restaurant in Quebec just before Highway 30. Got on 30 at the toll entrance and then took highway 20 at Levis to River du Loup . Note: Personally, I would prefer some English added to the signs in Quebec. Bilingualism is not bilingualism in Quebec. It’s  Unilingualism on all road signs.  They should consider the tourist. That being said, Quebec is a beautiful province and the people we met were very friendly.

We then took highway 85 as it enters New Brunswick from Quebec. This is a great highway. We had virtually no traffic between 6:00pm to 8:00pm.

Over-nighted at The Day’s Inn, Oromocto. The room was clean.

This was a long day!

I’m not a lover of long trips. My day, would be around 600 to 700kms with over nights.

The road to th Newfoundland Ferry from Oromocto to North Sydney.

My wife has a cooler full of cucumbers. It’s an effort to keep them from going bad in the heat.  Success!

We ate at a restaurant, on Queen Street, a couple of hours before boarding. Forgot the name! It’s across the street from the sandbar, where the  boats are moored.  Not fond of haddock but it wasn’t too bad deep fried. Service was good and the restaurant was clean.

The ferry crossing was uneventful as I took a tylenol and slept through the night. Mad rush to the elevators to get down to the vehicle. One elevator broken. Always amazed at how fast they get the traffic flowing.

I wish the government would twin the highway from Port Aux Basques to some point where the flow of traffic can filter in without people rushing. The speeds and where people pass are frightening,

We stopped at The Big Stop, in Deer Lake, for breakfast. They have done a great job on the reno. Breakfast was good, especially the fish cakes and bologna (balogna). Some of us pronounce it with the ba,,

We arrived on The East Coast (Con Bay South) at around 7:00pm.

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