Partridge Berry Picking

Picking Partridge Berries

We left on saturday morning to spend the weekend with our friends, at their cabin, in Lower Island Cove, Hopefully, we would pick some partridge berries.

I had spoken to my friend earlier that week and he had told me that the berries were getting soft and were picked over. We love everything that can be made with partridge berries.  I had alredy ordered two gallons from a friend.

We arrived, at the cabinat 12 noon and after a quick lunch we went to the berry pick’n grounds. To my friends surprise, we picked over six gallons between us. The berries, in the area that we had gone, were ripened and not soft. See photo.


Our friends prefer to make jam right away, instead of freezing their berries.  So on friday and saturday night they made 16 bottles of jam.

They were using 16 oz and 32 oz mason jars.

This is a useful chart Link for  mason jars.

We prefer to make a couple of mason jars of jam as needed and keep the rest of the berries frozen.

View from above Lower Island Cove.



As mentioned, we had ordered two morwe gallons, from a friend. They were 12.50 a gallon. We now have 4 gallons in the deep freeze.

Lately, we have been making enough jam to last a week or so and placing it in a plastic container in the refrigerator. We use about two cups of berries. We add about two soup spoons of water and enough sugar to our taste. The boiling berries are crushed with a potato masher until we get the consistency and the taste that we both like. Not too sweet and not too tart.

We have partridge berry jam every morning with toast. Sometimes we add a dollop of cream.



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