Stale Crackers

Stale Crackers

Crackers, especially Purity, are one of my favorite snacks or to have with my breakfast or lunch. Stale crackers were usually laid aside for a base for onion pies. A few days ago I decided to try placing a stale cracker in the toaster to see if it would crisp and refresh them. It worked but the cracker was hard to get out of the toaster.

If it works in the toaster, then it should work in the oven. I placed a few crackers on a baking sheet and set the rack on the higher level and set the broiler to low. Eureka, within a minute or so, I had crispy crackers. There was no stale taste either.

You should get the same results in a toaster oven or a micowave. Note: some crackers may be too old and stale to crisp. If they smell bad throw them out.

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The following are some helpful links to show you how to crisp chips. The process is similar to the above, however more detailed.

How to crisp stale crackers and chips

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