Real life stories
Real life stories from everyday people, like you and me. Welcome to Oldie Newbie’s home of real life stories. Stories that may make you laugh, that may make you smile, that may make you think, that may encourage and stories that may make you cry.

We invite you to share a real life story. It may be humorous or a life lesson story.

There was a time that we would sit around and listen to real life stories. As a child, I would sit with eyes wide open, as my grand-father told stories of his life on the ocean. He could make you feel as if you were there. You could feel the ship heave and taste the salt water.

My eyes would open wider as he told about the large wave and the ship climbing higher and higher….

I remember my grand-mother wiping a tear from her eyes as his voice trailed off. You know, he never finished that story.

Do you remember the laughter, the tears and the encouragement as you came together as family, neighbors and friends?
We invite you to tell your story and keep alive the joy of story telling.

It’s time to tell your story!  It may be a story, from your childhood, from your travels or your job.

Do not be concerned about grammar or punctuation. Tell your story as if you were telling it to your best friend.

It’s YOUR story. Keep it simple and natural.

We need to laugh…we need to smile…we need to encourage.

Share your story today. It may bring that laugh..that smile…that encouragement.

Our only request is that it be a real life story and not fiction. There are many categories, for sharing your story.

Truckers, warehouse workers, sport nuts, fishermen and hunters all have great stories to tell.This is your place to tell your story or read or comment on someone else’s story.that a picture can tell.Pictures or photos: Do you have a favorite picture or photo that you would like to share? Sometimes, words cannot tell a story, that a picture can tell.

Here at Newfoundland Sites things may never stay the same but then again they may. So come on in and stay awhile.
Tell others about Keep coming back because there just might be a story that you can relate to.Note: We will be adding additional categories or you might suggest a category. We’re listening.

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