The Boil Up

Those of us, who grew up in Newfoundland Labrador, enjoy a good boil up. A boil up can be on the beach ,however; for me a good boil up is when you’re back in the country, trouting or cutting wood. You can also have a boil up when you’re picking berries or hunting.
What makes for a good boil up? When you’re in the woods, all you really need for a kettle is an apple juice can. You punch two holes on opposite sides, near the top and feed rabbit wire through the holes to act as a hanger. A few slices of home made bread, a bottle of moose or rabbit or a can of beans. Some of us like fried balogna and beans.
The water is taken from a pond or a stream. The can is hooked over a stick, which has been angled over the fire and driven into the ground. Some people like to place the teabags into the boiling water and take it off the fire to steep. Others just keep the water boiling and let the tea bags steep out. The tea tastes better if you get a few bough sparkles  in your tea.

Boil ups to remember

A number of years ago my friend, Walt and I were trout fishing in the wilderness area of Newfoundland. We had this one particular spot where we would stop, light a fire and have our lunch. Walt had a can of irish stew, with the pull tab, which he laid near the fire to warm up. He forgot to pull the tab. The cover popped and the stew flew from the tin. Thankfully, the boiling stew missed us, however it gave us quite the scare. Never did that again.

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