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“If you don’t like the weather now, just wait five minutes”..It takes longer than five minutes,,,sometimes..but it will change,

Newfoundland Labrador has been home for me for over fifty years.  I have endured rain, sleet, snow, drizzle, fog, some sun, and a mixture of all. We Newfoundlanders and Labradorians talk more about weather then our second topic, food.

My father-in-law would look at the sky and make comments such as

‘It’s a Mackerel sky and mares’ tails..” it’s what”, i’d say..”what do you mean?’ It’s going to be windy..Link here for a more detailed description.

We were all familiar with “Red sky at night sailor’s delight, Red sky in morning sailor’s take warning”

Weather Channel St John’s

CBC Ryan Snodden

NTV Weather

Top weather events of the 2oth century. Canada

The following two stories were copied from the above link. Click anywhere on the the  green lettering to visit the Environment Canada site.

I remember the Ocean Ranger Disaster. The weather was terrible that night and morning with high winds and snow. We awoke that morning to check the news for cancellations, however; all the news and it should have been was the search for survivors. There were none. Most of us knew or were related to someone who was lost.

Our son and son-in-law are working or have worked on the rigs. The weather can get ugly out there.




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